Time for change

Detroit Regen regenerates the city of Detroit, Michigan with a revolutionary approach. A former powerhouse of the automotive industry, the city has suffered from deindustrialization, a massive loss of jobs, decline in population, increase in crime, crash of the housing market, and many related issues. Yet, Detroit is a city full of resources and opportunities. Detroit Urban Regen resurrects this icon from the old economy by introducing a brand new economic and social value chain using innovative bio-based industry, urban regeneration, and economic development.

While Detroiters develop initiatives and taking matters in their own hands, Detroit Urban Regen connects, accelerates, and adds to these hotspots of energy to boost Detroit’s future by its people, for its people.


How it works

Detroit’s past was built on the car industry, and their decline is linked. The new rise of Detroit requires a new backbone of economic power and social connectivity. This is more than a single project or company can do, and that’s why one-off projects fail. Instead, Detroit Urban Regen introduces a completely new value chain from resource production, processing and retail, to consumption and recycling. This results in a range of projects, all linked and supporting each other, but each capable of operating independently.


To make this backbone last, we build it based on resources we get for free, forever: bio-based industries. Bio-based industries rely on natural elements such as plants, microorganisms and ecosystem services to produce high quality products sustainably.

These proven innovations are flexible, profitable, take advantage of the unique properties of Detroit and its people, and generate jobs, revenue, education, knowledge and healthy products that are useful for Detroiters.


Urban Regen plays on the strengths of Detroit such as its image as a hard-working production and processing oriented culture, the availability of skilled and unskilled labour, and low cost of land. It uses these values to build a new closed-loop bio-based industry by, with and for the local community.


Detroit Urban Regen & Dutch Trade Mission film released

Detroit Trade Mission – May 31 2015

The Dutch Foreign Office acknowledges the opportunities in Detroit for innovative solutions in agriculture, food and greenhouse technology to support the development and economic growth of the city. Therefore, the Dutch Foreign Office commissioned Except Integrated Sustainability to organize the mission around the Detroit Urban Regen project.

The trade mission takes place on the eve of the official visit to the United States of Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. Under the theme “Feeding the City & Healthier Food,” the mission aims to establish business relations and partnerships between Dutch organizations and their American counterparts.

The trade mission event is the kick-off for the crowd-funding campaign and the starting point of several partnerships between Dutch and American companies to face the challenges of transforming Detroit towards its future.

Press Release trade mission Detroit

The Team

Detroit Urban Regen needs the best in business, design, engineering, community involvement and impact capital working in unison. We brought together this team of international partners with proven track records in making future-proof neighborhoods, communities, and industry. The team is led by Urban Regen’s initiator Except Integrated Sustainability, a non-profit agency focused on urban regeneration with experience in over 300 projects on 4 continents in 15 years. It is supported and facilitated by the Urban Renaissance foundation, combining 15 international partners in urban regeneration.




The Urban Renaissance team



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